Joyful Family Adoption Day Photography in Austin, Texas

This was truly one of my favorite days as a photographer. Adoption is so beautiful already, but it's even more special when it's one of your dearest friends adoption two of her foster kiddos who you have gotten to love on and be a "fun aunt" for since they were itty bitty!

Camille is not only a close friend, but a repeat client of mine. In fact, she was one of my first clients in October of 2020, when she asked me to take some photos for her to celebrate becoming a licensed foster parent! Since she's been licensed, I have done a few private photo sessions for her to remember each season with the kiddos who have come in & out of her home. Getting to follow her journey from licensing to adoption day has been a huge honor; and a great example of what my mission is with photography - to celebrate every season's milestones, because everyone's unique story deserves to be told!

It was also a special day for Camille's foster agency, Helping Hand Home, as Ellie & Omar were the 199th & 200th adopted children from their agency! What an incredible milestone!

I just can't get over this day. If you know of any families who are adopting soon and want photos of the day to remember forever, PLEASE send them my way, because I want to be around this joy as much as possible!